Why Wear Merino Wool Socks

The main benefits of merino wool obviously apply to merino wool socks too. But this short blog is going to talk about those merino wool advantages in the context of socks in particular. 

So, here’s the main reasons why you should wear merino wool socks. 

Merino Wool Socks Are Quick Drying

If there’s a chance you’re going to get wet feet on a hike then merino is a no brainer as they dry quickly. 

Hiking (well, tramping) in the likes of NZ this is the sort of picturesque stuff you often need to hike through. Clear, cold, beautiful but wet! And no clothes dryer at the next hut.

Thing with hiking, especially on multi-day trips, is we try to reduce the amount we have to carry. Rather than a fresh pair of socks each day we might only carry a couple of pairs. In fact, I tend to carry 2 pairs - a fresh ‘camp’ pair and my ‘day’ pair. If they get wet, I want them to dry overnight. With cotton or bamboo good luck. With merino—and synthetics; credit where it’s due—you’re in business. 

Merino wool socks also breath well. 

Merino Wool Socks Are Odour Resistant 

Socks—and feet—are synonymous with odour. You could be the nicest smelling person in the world but your feet probably aren’t the loveliest. And that’s just strolling around the city. 

Scott Timlock fording a stream somewhere in the Kosciuszko National Park. Indeed, wet feet. 

Add to that boots that don’t breath well that you have been slogging it in for 24km. Mud. Water. Sweat. You get the picture.

It’s realistic to wear the same socks for multiple days on a hike if you’re wearing merino wool socks. 

Merino Wool Socks Are Comfortable

Merino wool socks are soft and absorbent. They’re beautiful to walk in. But, because they wick moisture, dry quickly, and breath they combat the environment that blisters usually erupt. And there is nothing more uncomfortable than blisters when you’re hiking.

The Humphrey Law 61C merino wool hiking sock in the 'antelope' colour. One of our best sellers. They're comfortable, durable, and give you all the merino-ey benefits that makes merino socks so great. 

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