Why Aren't You Offering Up To 50% Off Like The Other Guys?

“15% off for Black Friday? Pfft, that’s nothing!” That may be what a few of you are thinking. “The other guys are offering up to 50% off!” 

You’d be quite right.

So, why are we only offering 15% off?

Well, our business is a lot different than these bigger ‘other guys’. (You know who we’re referring to.) Let’s explain. 

Our Margins Are Lower

Being Australian made, our margins are way way lower than most other players. The bigger bigger guys could well be making an 80%+ gross margin on every unit. So, that $100 tee you’re buying cost them (landed) only $20. It’s easy for them to discount deep as they have plenty of margin to play with. 

They also have greater scale than us. They're making tens of thousands of units at a time, so all the raw materials that go into that - fabric, thread, labels, packaging, and so on - enjoys economies of scale. 

End of the day, to run a sustainable business the numbers need to work. Manufacturing in Australia using a manufacturer that pays their staff a living wage - that costs a lot more than using overseas labour. 

We Try Not To Play Those Retail Games Too Much

In retail, it’s common for brands to be on sale pretty much any day that ends in a ‘y’. They advertise RRP but rarely do they sell a product for that. Customers are trained to chase the promos. 

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we don’t discount our core range often. Yeah, we do the odd flash sale, and we discount slow moving sizes/colours to make room for more popular options. And, as you would have seen recently, we heavily discounted our thermals to clear them. 

But, you won’t see us do X% storewide very often. 

We Don’t Carry Huge Amounts of Inventory, So It Would Be Bad Business to ‘Give’ It Away

We have a fair bit of stock on hand at the moment, and more arriving from our wonderful manufacturer next week. But, we don’t carry huge quantities to make ‘clearing’ a part of the process. As a business, we’d really like to sell it at full price if we can as that makes the financials humm nicely. 

Alas, we know many of you are holding out for a bargain so we’re participating in a small, but hopefully helpful way considering everything that’s going on at the moment. So, until 27 November, enjoy 15% off storewide apart from already discounted items.