Customer Reviews—How Our Merino T-Shirts Are Going 2 Years On

Did you know that it's been just on 2 years since we shipped our first t-shirt? 

We launched in July 2020 to pre-orders. We had a few setbacks due to restrictions on non-essential manufacturing in Melbourne during the lockdowns. And finally, our first tees rolled off the line at the start of November 2020. 

So, how are those first tees that we shipped going? Well, we reached out to a heap of our first customer recently and asked the question. 

As you can see, these reviews are unedited and are pretty warts and all. And, you know what, we're happy to share that with you. Through constant wear for two years you may develop a few 'character holes' in your merino, as you would cotton or synthetics or bamboo. In fact, we wrote here on why you might get holes in your merino. But, as you can see, that doesn't detract from the other all quality of the product and how much these customers seem to enjoy their Ottie Merino tees. 

"The fit has been consistently good and is true to size. Relaxed style but good form for my body type. I wear a large.

I wear mine for day hikes and larger adventures. The last couple were an 11 day 180km Kosciusko pack hike and the Overland Track in Tasmania. I only needed 2 Otties for the entire Kozi 11 day journey. Love the Ottie Merino's great wicking and odour suppressing properties. I wouldn't have tried this hike with a synthetic. Another recent hike was the Overland. Again, performed very well over the 7 days. No pilling or holes from pack straps after multiple multi day hikes. Performs really well.

There are several small 'character holes' on one of the tees. My Otway Fern which I do wear a lot! All my Otties have held their shape perfectly with no shrinkage either. My Indigo has just a little fading on the shoulder area but still performs perfectly. My Plum looks like the day I bought it. As does the black. I was an early Ottie buyer and now have 4 tees. Next year I will buy a long sleeve to add to my Ottie collection."

- Scott, VIC

"Two years on the colours are vibrant, they haven’t pulled and are still my go to wardrobe staples. Few running repairs to the seams but other than that as new. They are a great fit and length and I love that the higher neck offers good sun protection. Please don’t change them!"

- Miriam, NSW

"Worn them out. Have just ordered 2 new short sleeved t shirts. Love them in both summer and winter."

- Leone, VIC

"My t shirt is doing fine. It fits perfectly and has worn extremely well. I wear it pretty regularly bush walking on Sundays and to Pilates during the week. Introduced my son to Ottie and he loves it. Being 1.956 tall he loves the great lengths, as do I. We’re both tall & lean. I wear M or L depending if I want a looser fit. I think merino is perfect for bushwalking & everyday."

- Fairlie, TAS