Australian Made Merino Thermals

We set out to make the best merino thermals in Australia. Made from a beautiful soft 'n' stretchy Aussie merino and elastane blend, our men's and women's merino thermal tops and unisex merino bottoms weigh in at 200gsm making them the perfect choice for most cool weather conditions in Australia and New Zealand.
These merino thermals are a must-pack if you're doing the Overland Track, Australian Alps, the backcountry of New Zealand, or if you're hitting the ski slopes this winter. Heck, we've even got customers heading for Antarctica with these babies!

A Guide to Merino Wool Thermals

A good set of merino wool thermals is a must-have in any keen hikers kit. We've answered some of your questions below as to why you should invest in a set of quality merino themal underwear.

When should you pack your merino thermals?

The short answer is: it's a good ideal to always have a set of thermals in your pack, as you never know when you might get caught out in bad weather. You see, the beauty of merino thermals is they're super lightweight and compact for the warmth and insulation they'll provide.

How do you 'layer' with merino wool thermals?

Merino thermals are generally considered to be a 'baselayer' which is a layer worn close to the skin. The reason is a merino thermal baselayer will trap warmth and will readily wick moisture to stop it from cooling you down.

On a cold hike you might start with a thermal top close to the skin, a t-shirt over the top of that, and a fleece and/or shell on the top of that. As you progressively warm up you can remove the layers you don't need and remain comfortable. In this article here we talk more about how to dress on the track

How to care for wool thermals?

Merino thermals that are look after well will last a long time. We share our tips and tricks for caring for merino clothing here.

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